Dal progetto alla realizzazione

We develop window displays and decoration kits completely customized, to match and enhance the philosophy of the brand.
Following customer’s necessity and wishes, our graphic designers are engaged to search for trendy solutions, and to implement creative concepts.
Our great flexibility is a topic feature while creating displays to be able to satisfy visibility necessity in all kind of environment.


We work on renderings and prototypes to simulate the final products in order to help our customer to reach the best result. Prompt action on this part of the job is always guaranteed.


After the project is completed we produce our items with particular attetion to quality by using long lasting materials. Simple usability is very imporant to us.

Attention to materials

Traditionally, Cofipack Milano creates window displays in precious wood or lacquered, enriching them by using metal, leather, plexy or foam elements.

The continuing research of new solutions leads us to use and experiment different materials, which are integrated with particular attention to volume, weight and practicle usability for the shop staff.


Each production fase of our items is prepared and carried out with a lot of care to all details.
Our processing can be considered as artisan one. Manual work takes an important role in our production.
Experience and mastership of our technicians make every item unique.
Materials are chosen with attention to high quality results. Quality controls are completed in order to be sure that the final products will meet required customer’s satisfaction.

“Prendi il meglio che esiste e miglioralo.
Se non esiste, crealo.”
— Henry Royce —


Our window systems for the point of sale and show rooms and our items for the sales force, are mainly dedicated to watches, jewelry, pens and gifts.

Holders of any kind are made of materials which grant long lasting usability. Quality and fashion criteria are always taken into consideration.

Agents are particularly satisfied with our products and for them we created a special line of collection cases to be used as cabin luggage while travelling by plane.

Trays for shops and safers are supplied for any necessity of look and size.
We offer a great variety of injected stands and small single holders which are very useful to decorate the windows.

  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Pens


We have studied watch holders to be long lasting and easy to be used over any display.

Our c-rings are made of polycarbonate, a material well known for its great flexibility and durability. The internal clips make it easy to place the watch and the large surface is suitable for heavy and large metal bracelet watches.

Each project is completely customized for your necessity

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